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   “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” — Robert Frank

Jordan Smith is a hard-working and creative individual, following his passion for photographic arts. As a former bartender for almost 10 years, his time spent in the service industry has created a strong foundation of hospitality and exceptional customer service. Currently, he works full time as a product and lifestyle photographer in the BMX industry. With these skills, he also operates his own photography business, Jordan Smith Photography (with help from his beautiful wife Debbie) and has worked on it since 2015, developing skills and growing his passion and knowledge.      

You can describe his photography as a behind-the-scenes, candid style, with a journalistic approach. He wants to document the actual story, not direct it. Capture the style of characters, the elaborate setting, and piece them all back together as digital media. He keeps these concepts in mind while shooting a wide variety of subjects. He is always looking for new challenges in photography to grow and hone his skills.

Winter Park, FL



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